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Why choose UNIXO

The UNIXO concept comes from a detailed analysis of the market needs: a deep-articulated study that is valorized by the undisputed quality of the MADE IN ITALY products. The 30-year old experience of its founders and the partnership with UNIVERCIOK, Italian company, leader in the HO.RE.CA. branch, that since 1983 produces semifinished dessert products, make UNIXO a unique and inimitable project. Choosing to open a UNIXO-branded coffee shop means entrusting a “full service”.

Trend locations

Spaces are studied with care to offer to the staff and the clientele a trend and fashion locations with comfortable work-stations. The MADE IN ITALY furniture and materials have been selected with care and passion. Specific spaces have been thought for excellent products to raise visibility and highlight their main features.


Training is one of the greater strengths of UNIXO concepts, it let the staff to have a specific knowledge about the products they are going to prepare and serve, by guaranteeing a high quality standard.

Wide range of products

Perfect for each one of the 365 days per year. Four menus, one for each season, created to offer a precise service and choice. Quality is assured with UNIXO. It is a matter of well-tested and appreciated products in the European market, almost exclusively Made in Italy, except for the chocolate, made by Swiss craftsmen. The products, selected for the coffee shops, guarantee high performance and ease of preparation.


Plates, cups, glasses, gift packages, napkins, take away glasses, shoppers…everything is tailor-made. Every object is personalized to increase visibility and brand-awareness in an exponential way.



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