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Our history

UNIXO derives from the thirty-year experience of its founders and from an accurate observation of the new trends. This new coffee shop concept is leading-edge, inspired by the American model of these pubs, but characterized by the quality of the MADE IN ITALY products. The first UNIXO opens in Austria, in Klagenfurt, in November 2013. It’s a format with the purpose to have the quality of the Italian-custom products tasted all over the Europe, along with a smart environment and a young and kind service. The coffee is not just coffee in UNIXO…every cup tells us a story full of passion and commitment, the cups of chocolate warm up our hearts, tee recharges our mind, whereas the pralines…words simply can’t describe them. Just by watching the shop window people remain enchanted! Allow yourself to enjoy a tasty break and let you cuddle, come into an UNIXO coffee shop and taste its essence. It will give you a unique and unforgettable experience, you wouldn’t be able to give up!